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What makes the Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) Systems Approach Unique?
Topic/Sujet Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI)
Certificate/Certificat No
Level/Niveau Introductory
Format On-Line
Session Open
Course Dates/Dates du cours Click here/Cliquez ici


Safeguards is providing a free webinar so you can learn more about Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI)and what makes it so effective in reducing crisis. It's also an opportunity to get the answers to all your questions.

What kind of help and how it is given make a crucial difference between the child's learning from the experience or being set back. The Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) training program presents a crisis prevention and intervention model designed to teach staff how to help children learn constructive ways to handle crisis. The ability of the entire organization to respond effectively to children and young people in crisis situations is critical in establishing not only a safe environment, but also one that promotes growth and development. The skills, knowledge, and professional judgment of staff in responding to crises are critical factors in helping young people learn constructive and adaptive ways to deal with frustration, failure, anger, rejection, hurt, and depression.

Andrea Turnbull will be presenting and answering all your questions. She is a TCI Instructor and provides technical assistance for the Residential Child Care Project, Cornell University. She also helps coordinate the TCI program which is now in 10 countries.

Outcomes/Objectifs d'apprentissage

Participants will learn:
• How the TCI System works and helps,
• How TCI was developed,
• How the effectiveness of TCI is measured,
• Who TCI Training is for,
• Where TCI is being practiced.

Interested? Contact Angela, (905) 889-5030, ex. 121. or angela@safeguards-training.net


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