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Gender Affirmation Counts: Evidence-Based Practices for Physical and Mental Health
Topic/Sujet Sociocultural Perspectives
Certificate/Certificat Yes
Level/Niveau Intermediate
Format In-Person
Session Spring
Course Dates/Dates du cours Click here/Cliquez ici


This session will provide opportunities to practice front line and supervisory skills needed to create gender affirming spaces, services and workplaces. Gender affirming environments, policies, professional practices, services and workplaces increase health resilience, improve engagement in employment settings, and enhance wellbeing in individual employees and service users. Modeling trans inclusion and affirmation to families, and other community service providers, results in demonstrated positive impacts on children and youth.

This session will be a safe space to review your professional practice and ensure that you are delivering accurate, health promoting service, fostering a workplace aligned with legislative requirements and offering resources and opportunities to children, youth and families that align with current and credible research in gender affirmation.

GROUP DISCOUNT: To register a group of 4 or more and receive a 20% discount off the individual fee, contact Angela, angela@safeguards-training.net or 905 889-5030, x121.

Outcomes/Objectifs d'apprentissage

• Apply a perceive-feel approach to evaluate and enhance spaces, services and workplaces to be welcoming of gender and sexual diversity, where families, regardless of family structure, and gender diverse people of all ages can access employment and services safely and productively.
• Practice skills to counteract four levels of transphobia (internal, interpersonal, cultural and institutional)
• Increase awareness of the privilege and power imbalances inherent to service provision and employment relationships, and be able to explain/undermine systems like cis-hetero patriarchy.
• Equip yourself to foster resilience skills like communication, setting boundaries, consent, empowerment and authentic celebration of diversity.
• Align your professional practice and organizational policies and practices with Ontario and Canada’s legislative framework, sectoral guidelines and credible research


Non-member fee/Frais des non membres $209.05
Member fee/Frais des membres $141.25

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