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Embrace Trauma-Informed Care with Children and Youth
Topic/Sujet Trauma-Informed Practice
Certificate/Certificat Yes
Level/Niveau Intermediate
Format In-Person
Session Spring
Course Dates/Dates du cours Click here/Cliquez ici


Children and youth who receive intensive services such as residential care or in-home supports may have been exposed to one or more adverse experiences in early childhood. Persistent negative experiences such as abuse and maltreatment, especially if perpetuated by caregivers, can be the cause of traumatic stress disorder with impairment in three areas: brain development, emotional regulation and social relationships.
This workshop will explore ideas about challenging behaviour among children and youth in care. Direct care staff, such as child and youth care practitioners, group home staff and foster carers may observe conduct which is resistant to traditional behaviour management techniques. A young person with complex trauma may present with a variety of issues (anxiety, aggression, self-harm, & suicidality, etc.) and with multiple diagnoses (i.e., conduct disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, depression, anxiety). Participants will explore the connection between various behaviour presentations and early negative experiences.
Participants will examine how children and youth who have experienced trauma and abuse view the world around them, how they interact with others, and reframe behaviour issues through the lens of trauma-informed practice. The workshop includes strategies and skill-building activities which can be put into practice to ensure quality care for our most vulnerable young people.

Who Should Attend? This training will benefit anyone serving children and youth in care or receiving intensive in-home services and those transitioning from care, and individuals wishing to understand and respond effectively to young people with trauma histories.

Outcomes/Objectifs d'apprentissage

• Recognize how trauma impacts young people who have experienced trauma, abuse and maltreatment and apply understanding to reframe so-called negative behaviour
• Use knowledge of trauma to build safe and caring relationships with children and youth.
• Use knowledge of trauma and its impact on brain development to foster resilience and support children and youth to learn skills for healing and recovery from trauma.

Contact karen@safeguards-training.net if you'd like more information about booking this training onsite at your organization.


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