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Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI), Trainers: Cornell University

“TCI is always well done. Glad Safeguards is offering.”, Administrator, Murray McKinnon Foundation, Oshawa

“Thank you for including us so that we were able to re-certify in Canada this time.”
Supervisor, Elizabeth Fry Society, Vancouver

“Nice to be in a TCI session again!” Program Coordinator, Youthdale, Toronto


Increasing Resilience in Children, Trainer: Colleen Kamps

“Instructor was very personable and kept the class entertained. Very knowledgeable about the material she was delivering and answered questions thoroughly. I enjoyed my day and learned a lot of new and creative ideas.” Intervention Worker, CAS, Sault Ste. Marie

“I enjoyed how interactive the training was. It is great having discussions with other people from different organizations. Since this field is very new to me, I have found this training very informative and was made to feel very comfortable. Thank you.” Front Line Worker, Pioneer Youth Services, Toronto


Silent But Deadly: Children & Youth who Witness Violence, Trainer: Colleen Kamps

“I enjoyed this workshop immensely. I know that I will be able to take this knowledge and apply it to the children in our residence program.” Front Line Worker, Brantford

“Colleen was great – very candid and informative. I look forward to attending more training facilitated by her.” Supervisor, Foster Care Unit, Tikinagan Child & Family Services, Sioux Lookout

“Excellent presentation! My interest was kept throughout and I appreciate all the stories from personal/work experiences”. Counselor, Algoma Family Services, Sault Ste. Marie


Trauma Assessment and Treatment Certificate Program, Trainer: Geraldine Crisci

“The way in which Geri Crisci delivered the training was essential to how educating it was. Her knowledge, experience and ability to see numerous sides made this a valuable experience. This is the most educational training I’ve had in my career to date”. Front Line Worker, Roberts/Smart Centre, Ottawa

“Enlightening material; gives us a clear look at the challenges we face in assisting youth overcome the obstacles they face in providing a positive outlook on life and their futures.” Front Line Worker, Craigwood Youth Services, London


Meeting the Challenges in Implementing Evidence-Based Practices and Treatments, Trainers: Peter Levesque and Jane Tallim,COE

“This workshop was very helpful – I learned more about what evidence-based means and have some ideas about how to implement it in our agency. The handouts and resources were especially helpful, especially the resource list.” Supervisor, Community Mental Health Clinic, Guelph

“Very useful; especially in this time of change for children’s mental health. I agree it is an area where there is a big gap in knowledge (research I mean) and resources.” Counsellor, Community Mental Health Clinic, Guelph


Youth and Drugs and Mental Health Trainer: Elsbeth Tupker

“A fun and very informative workshop. I felt I walked away with a lot of information that can be applied to both mental health and addiction.”

“This is one of the best Safeguards workshops that I have attended.” Front Line Worker, Kinark, Newmarket


Treating Anti-Social Behaviour Certificate Program, Trainer: Dr. Rick McCendie

“An excellent workshop; will help me perform my job better. Very educational and helpful. I recommend this workshop for anybody new to the field.” Front Line Worker, Youth & Family Resource Network of Essex County, Kingsville

“As usual, this is another great workshop. Dr. McCendie knows his stuff and presents very well.” Front Line Worker, Algonquin Child & Family Services, North Bay

“Dr. McCendie had an effective style of communicating the information which made it simple to learn and implement with our families. Great sense of humour!”
Front Line Worker, Children First, Windsor


Healing Sexually Abused Children, Trainer: Colleen Kamps

“Colleen is able to present a sensitive topic with expertise and provides a comfortable atmosphere to have open/difficult discussions. I thoroughly enjoyed this worthwhile, informative two-day workshop”. Front Line Worker, Women’s Place of South Niagara, Welland

“The workshop was great. The facilitator clearly knew the information and was able to bring that information forward.” Front Line Worker, Family, Youth & Child Services of Muskoka, Bracebridge

“Course content is sensitive. The instructor presented the material in a sensitive manner. Allowed for lots of discussion from people in the class. She kept the class interested. She also appeared to be very knowledgeable. This training will be very helpful in my work.” Child Welfare Assistant Supervisor, Tikinagan Child & Family Services, Sioux Lookout


Understanding and Supporting Those Who Have Been Abused, Colleen Kamps

“Thank you Colleen for the good information and enthusiasm in your presentation. A worthwhile workshop!” Counselor, Nodin Child & Family Services, Sioux Lookout

“Good knowledge, experience and delivered in a way conducive to learning.”
Front Line Worker, Nodin CFI, Sioux Lookout


Implementing CACL Safe Community Audit, Trainers: Doris Rajan and Peter Park

“We very much focus on abuse prevention within our own organization. It is very encouraging to learn of a tool that can include the entire community, and all people, focusing on safety!” Manager, Community Living Essex County, Essex

“It was a great chance to network as well as delve deeper into the work. I also appreciated both the intimate nature (i.e. more discussion) as well as having Port Colborne and Toronto represented.” Counselor, Family Service Association, Toronto


Providing Therapy for Survivors of Abuse with Intellectual Disabilities, Trainer: Dr. Sheila Mansell

“Dr. Mansell is a fabulous presenter with a wealth of information that can easily be generalized to many different client groups. I Learned +++ Thanks.” Social Worker, Child Development Centre, Kenora

“The instructor was excellent; very knowledgeable and offered many relevant resources. Use of own experiences was great too!” Front Line Worker, Community Living North Grenville, Kemptville


Understanding Dual Diagnoses Evaluation Involving Trauma History, Trainer: Dr. Sheila Mansell

“The presentation was excellent. Dr. Mansell was a gift to listen to. She is so knowledgeable, a highly effective speaker, passionate about her work, a natural teacher, and it was a pleasure to be in her astute company.” Counselor, Community Living, North Bay

“Thank you Sheila for sharing your knowledge with us. It was invaluable and interesting. You have such a wealth of knowledge. I noticed you were very respectful of everyone and you were “down to earth”, approachable and personable (not to mention fun too!)”. Counselor, Community Living North Bay


Understand and Prepare for the Bumps in the Road” A Tool Kit for Supporting the High Need Individual, Trainer: Glen Walker

“I learned a lot of treatment for the children I work with. Excellent speaker; kept it lively and involved everyone. Administrator, Community Living, Timmins

“The opportunity to converse back and forth was very good at all times. Participation increases knowledge.” Social Worker, Community Living, Timmins


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: Foundations, Trainer, Dr. Greg Dubord, M.D.

“Probably the best workshop I’ve been to. Very informative and entirely applicable. Great instructor; very knowledgeable. It’s been a pleasure.” Front Line Worker, Youth Connections, Whitby

“Workshop very helpful. A lot of material which was very useful. Presented in a succinct and humourous manner. Instructor inspired me to read new material”. Social Worker, Kinark Child & Family Services, Whitby

“Greg was awesome! He is smart, funny and really knows his stuff. He was truly inspirational.” Counselor, Community Mental Health Clinic, Guelph



Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: Tools, Trainer: Dr. Greg Dubord, M.D.

“Very interesting, very enjoyable. The instructor’s casual approach is great…very real”. Front Line Worker, Charlton Hall, Hamilton

“Trainer did awesome. Lots of info, very professional and active. Great job”. Front Line Worker, Serenity Place, Woodstock

“Excellent presenter – fun, humourous, knew material well. Kept my interest”. Social Worker, Woodview Children’s Centre, Brantford


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: Treating Child & Adolescents with Depression, Trainer: Dr. Sandra Mendlowitz

”Sandra’s pacing and knowledge of the subject matter provided the foundation for a highly informative and successful presentation”. Social Worker, Child Development Institute, Toronto

“Sandra was very honest and open with the outlook of CBT and communicated effectively in a short time frame.” Social Worker, Milestone, Burlington


Treating Trauma Based Anxiety Disorders, Trainer: Jim Hall

“Jim did an excellent job presenting. He used a format that worked well for a variety of learning styles. He obviously has a great deal of experience and knowledge on this subject which he was great to share.” Family Supports, Community Living Kawartha Lakes, Lindsay

“I have been to several workshops related to trauma but this one in particular was excellent. I found the material was conveyed in a manner that made it very understandable and applicable.” Counselor, Lake of the Woods Child Development Centre, Kenora

“Jim is an effective facilitator – well paced and knowledgeable and able to speak to a very diverse audience without leaving anyone out.” Child Care Worker, Child & Family Services of Timmins & District, Timmins


Milieu Treatment, Trainer: Deborah Sliwinski

“The workshop was very informative and well organized. The presenter was very knowledgeable and spoke clearly. It was great. The video was great – gave more of an awareness.” Social Worker Student, St. Martin’s Manor, Hamilton

“It was a really good workshop overall; it helps not to go into a place and pick up habits of focusing on behaviour and consequences as opposed to therapy and less punitive measures.” Residential Counselor, East York Residential, Toronto
Milieu Treatment, Trainer: Deborah Sliwinski

Attachment and the Brain: Recent Findings to Understand and Treat Children, Trainer: Annette Kussin

“Annette was fabulous! Very down to earth, knowledgeable, approachable, interesting – excellent workshop!” Counselor, Family Matters, Hamilton

“Excellent presenter, very clear and was able to cover a lot of material in a short time. Appreciated how organized she was.” Counselor, Phoenix Centre, Pembroke

“Has definitely helped me to look at the frustrating behaviours of the kids and parents that I work with in a more positive light – helps to depersonalize it all as well.” Front Line Worker, Madame Vanier, London


Recognizing and Understanding Self Injury, Trainer: B.J. Thom

“Presenter was fantastic and was clearly very knowledgeable about the topic. She was very interesting and brought the information forward very well”. Front Line Worker, North Hastings Community Integration Association, Bancroft

“Thanks for helping me understand the meaning of self injury. It is much more serious and complex than I realized.” Counselor, Red Cedars Shelter, Tyendinaga


Addressing High Risk Sexualized Behaviour, Trainer: Colleen Kamps

“Colleen was amazing; she kept everything interesting despite the difficult and complex subject. Her stories were relevant and helpful with understanding the workshop material.” Front Line Worker, J&D Residential, Sarnia

“The instructor was an excellent speaker, teacher. She made the course enjoyable and interactive.” Support Worker, Community Living North Grenville, Kemptville


Self Abuse Prevention and Treatment Certificate Program, Trainer: B.J. Thom

“Facilitator did an excellent job; looking forward to the second part of the program. I am glad to see a facilitator who has experienced the issue personally and apply it to the course” Community Wellness, Dokis Health Centre, Dokis First Nation

“Thank you B.J. I will apply these skills with my clients. Your structure of workshops will also be utilized as it is also a part of my job description beyond working with clients.” Counselor, Child & Family Centre, Sudbury


Treating Child & Adolescent Depression, Trainer: Lynda M. Ashbourne

“Very informative workshop; knowledgeable instructor.” Child & Youth Worker, Crossroad’s Children’s Centre, Ottawa

“We were told there is not much research when it comes to children and depression, but this knowledge will help me when I am speaking with teenage mothers to notice clues that they are starting to get depressed and then I can speak to colleagues to help the situation.” Early Childhood Educator, Columbus House, Pembroke


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