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Somatic & Expressive Methods for Healing Complexly Traumatised Youth
Topic/Sujet Trauma-Focused Interventions
Certificate/Certificat Yes
Level/Niveau Intermediate
Format In-Person
Session Summer
Course Dates/Dates du cours Click here/Cliquez ici


Young clients with complex trauma histories often display a myriad of emotional, social and behavioural difficulties. Traditional (talk) therapies such as CBT, though well-supported through research, can be challenging while working with clients who lack the neurodevelopmental capacity and life experiences of adult clients.

Additionally, trauma manifests in affect dysregulation and habitual responses that are best accessed through body-based and creative approaches. Therapists serve as models and interactive co-regulators with youth and their caregivers, teaching them to mindfully observe and expose, with curiosity and compassion, patterns that have been reinforced through experiences.

Clinicians and therapists working with children and youth will explore strategies that offer body-based and creative interventions with an opportunity for hands-on and reflective practice. In this experiential learning session, you will learn to recognize signs that a client might be outside the Window of Tolerance (i.e. hyper- or hypo-aroused), and how/when to use non-verbal strategies that bypass the language centres of the brain to promote healing.

Outcomes/Objectifs d'apprentissage

• Describe key components of various body-based frameworks and creative approaches (e.g. Sensorimotor Psychotherapy™, EMDR, ARC, SMART, music, art, play) that facilitate the healing process.
• Apply basic skills used in the somatic and expressive approaches including grounding, centering, containment and more.
• Using case studies, identify creative interventions for working with traumatized youth and their caregivers.

Contact karen@safeguards-training.net if you'd like more information about booking this training onsite at your organization.


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