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Respite is a critical service for families and supports people to live full and meaningful lives in their community.

SafeGuards created the Respite Learning Portal to provide much needed training and resources to support positive long-term relationships between families requiring respite and respite providers. This is a dedicated portal for people who want to know more about respite services and enhance their skills through online courses and webinars.
We currently offer 3 training programs available online:

  • Respite Services Training Certificate
  • Respite Care for People with Autism
  • Autism and Your Child, A Parent's Guide

As of January 2019, the Respite Learning Portal counts more than 150,000 users across North America.

We invite you to view our complete schedule of Respite trainings.

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Respite Services Training Certificate

Learn what every respite care provider must know with SafeGuards' Online Respite Certification Course

Respite Care for People With Autism

This interactive online course will help respite workers to provide more meaningful support to people with autism.

Respite Workers, Autism and Your Child: A Parentʼs Guide (Free)

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1. How to register for an on-line respite course?

Once you register and pay for a course, an email account activation notice will be sent to to you within 3 business days. It provides you with information to access the course and discussion board. Upon successful completion of the course requirements a certificate will be made available.

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