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Designed to meet the highly specialized training needs of staff serving children, youth, adults and families in Ontario.

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Customized onsite training tailored to meet your organizational needs. It’s cost-effective and convenient.

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New Webinar: Healthy Body Image & the Media on Jan. 19
In this practical 60-minute webinar, we will explore: Body size and beauty messaging, media impact, combatting stigma and best practices for treatment of disordered eating. EARLY-BIRD RATE until Jan 1. Open link...
The Experience of Trauma and Black Youth - Jan. 29 in Hamilton
A disproportionately high number of children and youth who become involved in child welfare or mental health face are from the Black community. Despite best intentions, interventions offered may be ineffective if they fail to consider the impact of racism, prejudice and trauma experienced by Black individuals and communities. Open link...
Mindfulness, Co-Regulation and the Art of Holding Space - Jan 22 in OTTAWA
Co-regulation is a key component in today’s popular intervention models such as CPS, TCI and SE. Evidence-based approaches in trauma-focused care are demonstrating that a critical quality of the helping professional is their ability to create the conditions for co-regulation. Open link...
Gender Affirmation Counts, Jan 25 in KINGSTON
Evaluate and enhance spaces, services and workplaces to be welcoming of gender and sexual diversity, where families, regardless of family structure, and gender diverse people of all ages can access services and employment safely and productively. Open link...
Trauma Assessment and Treatment Certificate - Starts Feb 27 in Ottawa
Don't miss this important 6-day core training with Geraldine Crisci as it provides you and your staff with a strong foundation in trauma-informed work. (Pre-requisite for the Advanced Trauma Certification.) Open link...
TCI Trainer Certification: April 30 - May 4, 2018 in TORONTO
What kind of help and how it is given make a crucial difference between the child's learning from the experience or being set back. The Therapeutic Crisis Intervention training program presents a crisis prevention and intervention model designed to teach staff how to help children learn constructive ways to handle crisis. Open link...
A growing number of agencies seek customized training to meet specific needs. Safeguards and our topic experts work with your agency to develop the best training possible. You choose the deliver model that meets your budget and needs: in-service, webinars, videoconference or online. This is an efficient way to optimize your training dollars. Open link...
TCI ORDER FORM: Student Workbooks and Certificates
TCI Trainers can now order Workbooks and Certificates for Front-line Staff quickly and easily from Safeguards Training. Safeguards accepts payment by credit card or cheque and ships orders directly to agencies. Download file...
Safeguards has designed new training to better suit the various needs of the many dedicated staff we serve. This year, you'll find new training and training streams created specifically to fit your clients and work setting.
Safeguards Training Channel - the best way to keep an eye on our up-coming trainings and webinars!
Subscribe to our Safeguards Training Youtube Channel for up-coming video clips from our trainers about our training programs and webinars. Open link...
Safeguards' Policy
The following includes policy on: cancellation, refunds, confirmation, privacy and terms and conditions for the Respite Discussion Board. Read more...

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