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Advanced Trauma Certification (Children & Adolescents)
Topic/Sujet Assessment and Treatment Planning
Certificate/Certificat Yes
Level/Niveau Advanced
Format In-Person
Session Summer
Course Dates/Dates du cours Click here/Cliquez ici


This advanced level Certification program will provide an integrated approach to the assessment and treatment of trauma. The program is carefully designed to provide trainees with a comprehensive model of practice and the opportunity to apply new knowledge and skills while receiving on-going training, supervision and consultation.

Course Work Outline:
• Critical issues in child development – developmental impact of trauma
• The neurobiological impact of trauma
• Interviewing caregivers and collaterals – the art of collecting critical information
• Trauma Assessment Tools
• Use of psychometric measures
• Identification of treatment issues
• Translating assessment results into treatment plans
• Trauma treatment methods, including medications and family intervention
• Evaluating the effectiveness of treatment
• Self-care component

The Trauma Assessment Model utilized by Crisci and Associates includes the following four components: Symptomology, Responsibility Issues, Sensorial Reminders and Developmental Disruption. The theoretical basis for the model encompasses the current body of knowledge of the effects of early neglect and trauma including the work and research of Levine, Siegel, Hughes and Ogden. A self-care component is integrated throughout the training program and subsequent consultation program. (A complete explanation of the evidence-based approach is available on request.)

You will learn an approach developed over 20 years by Geraldine Crisci, M.S.W. to provide trauma assessment and consultation which carefully considers each person’s unique and individual traumatic experience viewed through a cultural, developmental, relational and environmental lens. You will learn to apply this approach throughout the assessment and treatment planning process. Emphasis is on individual client needs rather than a prescribed protocol or intervention.

Eligibility & Requirements: This program includes 30 hours of in-class training supplemented with intensive monitored practice on how to assess and treat children and adolescents who have experienced trauma.

How to apply:
Register and pay.
Submit the following to angela@safeguards-training.net to be considered for the course:
1. Your Resume/CV which shows:
• Your current role as mental health practitioner and minimum of 5 years’ professional experience in the field.
• Successful completion of SafeGuards 6-day Trauma Assessment and Treatment program with Geraldine Crisci.
2. Professional reference letter from supervising manager.
3. Recent Vulnerable Sector Screening (i.e., police reference check)

A brief phone interview may be required in some circumstances.

Note: Some exceptions to the above criteria may be considered. If you believe you are a good candidate for this Externship, please contact us so we can discuss your qualifications.

Safeguards will confirm acceptance to the course.

Outcomes/Objectifs d'apprentissage

Program Features:
o Five days (30 hours) of in-class instruction + 10 hours of intensive monitored practice (additional fees apply)
o Through scheduled consultation sessions following the training program, you will assess 10 trauma cases and provide treatment to 10 children and adolescents.
o Externs of the Trauma Specialist Certification (Children & Adolescents) will have a comprehensive knowledgebase and applicable clinical skills to assess and treat children and adolescents who have experienced trauma.
o Upon successful completion of the externship program, you will have access to the referral network for Geraldine Crisci and Associates along with exclusive use of tools, resources and interview guides developed by Geraldine Crisci, M.S.W.

PRE-REQUISITE: SafeGuards 6-day Trauma Assessment and Treatment Program.


Non-member fee/Frais des non membres $2,203.50
Member fee/Frais des membres $1,864.50

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