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Treating Young People with Food and Weight Preoccupation in Community Mental Health Settings
Topic/Sujet Treating Trauma Effects
Certificate/Certificat Yes
Level/Niveau Intermediate
Format In-Person
Session Open
Course Dates/Dates du cours Click here/Cliquez ici


In this interactive workshop, mental health practitioners will learn strategies they need to screen for and treat food and weight preoccupation and co-occurring mental health and/or substance use issues. Specialized treatment facilities may not be equipped to treat issues that often accompany an eating disorder, so community mental health providers play a critical role in supporting individuals with convergent concerns.

Poor body image and signs of disordered eating typically begin to emerge by ages 9-12. It is estimated 1 in 4 adolescent girls will experiment with disordered eating behaviours. Boys are also at risk of developing an eating disorder, and LGBTQ people remain at higher risk for both eating and co-occurring disorders such as anxiety, depression, trauma, or substance use. Getting help can be complicated: ambivalence, lack of community resources, long waiting lists and tough exclusion criteria limit availability of treatment.

Community mental health providers can be a critical access point to resources for at risk young people with eating disorders especially when these issues interact with co-occurring mental health and substance use problems.

Outcomes/Objectifs d'apprentissage

• Use eating disorder assessment and screening tools in community-based settings
• Describe eating disorder treatment methodologies to parents, caregivers and young people
• Embrace and embody a Health at Every Size® perspective
• Adapt tools from evidence-based approaches such as CBT, DBT, and motivational interviewing to treat food and weight preoccupation and co-occurring problems

For information or to book this workshop, contact Karen, karen@safeguards-training.net.


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